Sunny day with a variety in competitions.

The grandstands of the oval track at WC2023 were filled with people who came to cheer for the riders who competed in the V1 – Fourgait preliminary rounds. During four rounds spread out over the morning and afternoon the sun was shining aplenty and the flags and cheering gave the horses and their riders a huge boost and the atmosphere was fantastic.
A total of 54 adult riders including 22 Young Riders showed their best on the oval track. In the Adult category Frauke Schenzel is now leading with Jódis vom Kronshof, in the Young Riders category Jón Ársæll Bergmann is leading with Frár frá Sandhól. You can see the results of this round in IceTest, and the B-finals for adults and A-finals for Young Riders will be on Saturday August 11 at 16:25. See you at the oval track!


In the afternoon the programme continued with the second round of the ridden abilities of the 7+ mares and stallions in the breeding category. Seven mares and nine were shown on the pace track. Árni Björn Pálsson with Katla frá Hemlu II received the highest score of 8.76. Among the stallions Agnar Snorri Stefánsson received an overall score of 8.71 with Kolgrímu Grímsson från Gunvarbyn. Congratulations!
And the day ended with the final heats of the P1 Pace Race 250m. The grandstands were fully packed with a cheering crowd with the golden evening sun setting the stage for an exciting race.
For Iceland the golden colour of the light was a good indicator of the results to come as both the number 1 and 2 were Icelandic riders: Elvar Þormarsson with Fjalladís frá Fornusöndum won the P1 Pace Race and is the new World Champion. With the Young riders the new World Champion P1 is Freya Løvgreen Gandrup with Fjölvi fra Hedegaard.
During the day there were interesting lectures in the House of Education. Machteld van Dierendonck gave us some useful indicators of pain in horses. And multiple world champion Magnús Skúlason gave a lecture on his experiences in riding pace.
After a very varied day we welcome you back tomorrow for the T1 and T1 preliminary rounds.
See you at the oval track

Featured photo: Nick van Dijk
Photo’s: Tina Hendricks & Bert Collet