House of Education

Tuesday, Aug 8


Stomach ulcers in Icelandic horses

Nanna Luthersson, an equine veterinarian that recently has done research in Iceland about the prevalence of gastric ulcers in young Icelandic horses, will present her latest findings.


About conformation

Heimir Gunnarsson, an international breeding judge, breeding leader of Sweden, chairman of the breeders judges committee and member of the breeding committee of FEIF, will talk about how our breed has developed from work horse to sport horse the past decades.

Wednesday, Aug 9


Nutrition for sport horses

Anneke Hallebeek is an equine veterinarian and specialist in veterinary nutrition. She will tell us the ins-and-outs of the nutrition for sport horses.

Thursday, Aug 10


Pain recognition in horses

Machteld van Dierendonck, a behavior and animal welfare specialist, will share her professional knowledge on horses show their pain and how we can recognize this behavior.


Flying pace

Magnús Skúlason, a well-known Icelandic horse rider and instructor and former World Champion, has extraordinary skills in riding pace, which is he willing to share with us.


Sports physiology for horses

Esther Siegers, an European acknowledged specialist in equine internal medicine (dipl. ECEIM), will talk about the sports physiology of horses and how we can get them in the best shape possible to achieve an excellent performance.

Friday, Aug 11


Equanimity horse training

Steinar Sigurbjornsson, a graduate of Hólar University, is an accomplished equestrian professional. He will share insights about the intrinzen training method with us.


Underwater treadmill and swimming

Morgan Lashley, an equine veterinarian, specialized in veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation, talks about the pro’s and cons of swimming and the use of the underwater treadmill.