Terms and conditions for media

All Media

  1. Submission of the accreditation form confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Members of the media are allowed on the WC2023 grounds after approved accreditation, from Monday August 7 to Sunday August 13.
  3. Upon arrival at the WC2023 grounds we will welcome you! To make sure you are the person we mailed with we will ask you to identify yourself (passport or international identification card). You will receive a badge with your photo. This badge must be worn visibly at the WC2023 grounds.
  4. Accreditation numbers are limited and all applications will be decided by the WC2023 and FEIF. Previous accreditation is no guarantee of a repeat in the future.
  5. All accredited media must comply with the requests and instructions of the WC2023 team.
  6. An y member of the media in breach of these conditions will have their accreditation cancelled and will be asked to leave the grounds.


  1. Guidelines for all photography are set by FEIF and executed by the press team of WC2023.
  2. Only photographers who have a commission from a publication (print &/or digital) will be considered for accreditation.
  3. Only one photographer will be accredited per publication.
  4. Photography is only allowed in certain areas. In the oval track and next to the pace track access will be limited. Only those granted such access will be permitted to remain in these spaces to cover the competition. A schedule will be issued by the press team of WC2023 for each part of the programme. Other photographers may be given space/seats at the side of the oval track in designated areas.
  5. Use of drones is forbidden at all times at the whole WC2023 grounds.

Tv/film crews (Including Web Cameramen)

  1. Anyone wishing to film or otherwise acquire moving pictures by any means available now or in the future must outline their plan to the WC2023 team prior to applying for accreditation. Accreditation is entirely at the discretion of the WC2023 in accordance with FEIF rules and regulations.
  2. Filming may only take place in locations agreed by the WC2023.
  3. No film longer than 20 seconds may be taken of any part of the competition of the WC2023 without written permission.
  4. Any film or images are only to be used for the purposes agreed in advance.
  5. An accreditation to film may not be assigned or otherwise passed on or shared with any third party.
  6. Use of drones is forbidden at all times at the whole WC2023 grounds.