Guidelines for volunteers

Help us make World Championships 2023 a success!

You can work as a volunteer when:

  • You’re at least 16 years old at August 1, 2023
  • You’re available for one (or more) of the periods
  • You feel responsible for your tasks and the event
  • You agree to do your job as well as you can and have fun doing it (you can choose which jobs you prefer, but we will assign you to your job)
  • You agree to follow these guidelines

What we expect from you

Sense of responsibility

You feel responsible for the tasks and the event. That means you:

  • Do your job as well as possible
  • Follow directions from your manager
  • Abstain from alcohol during your shifts
  • Show up well rested and energetic
  • Can’t watch competitions during your shift

You are aware of Rules World Championships Icelandic horses 2023

You are an ambassador of the WC2023

You’re the face of the event. That’s why it’s very important that you look the part during your shift, and wear the required outfit. We will provide you with shirts, jacket and cap (and will take care of having a laundry for the shirts). Besides looking the part, it is important to act the part. Make sure you’re friendly and hospitable, even when things do not go according to plan. Help out, try to sympathize and show compassion. Most important: always keep the best interests of WC Icelandic horses 2023 in mind.


Of course we try to take your wishes and preferences into account. But arranging a schedule and dividing the shifts can be a puzzle. That’s why we ask for your understanding when we can’t fulfill all of your wishes.

During the World Championships competition week you work according to a working schedule in shifts. It shows when and where you’re doing what. Some tasks require evening and night shifts. Let us know if that is not your wish. On your online profile you can indicate which parts of the day you will be available.


On the World Championships grounds

Food and drinks

On work days we will make sure we have meals and drinks for you in the Volunteers’ Tent.

Volunteers’ stand

Part of the Grandstands is assigned for volunteers, i.e. the Volunteers’ Stand. Here you can watch the event during your free time. If the Volunteers’ Stand is completely full you can watch the event on the screen in the Volunteers’ Tent.

Free camping spot

We have a (free) camping spot at the Volunteers’ Campsite. You can also book a (paid) spot in a log cabin.

Want to know what a volunteer can do?

Did you know the whole organization of the World Championships is made up of volunteers? And would you like to know what you can do and how to join this great team?