World Champions honored

Thursday evening it was time to honor the first World Champions! The Markaður filled with fans to cheer on their favorite riders and watch them receive their prizes.
We started with the adult pace test. Elvar Þormarsson with Fjalladís frá Fornusöndum can proudly take the 1st prize to Iceland with a great result of 8.92. The world champion young rider also comes from Iceland: Benedikt Ólafsson with Leira-Björk frá Naustum III scored 8.00.

The pace race 250 meters had just ended right before the ceremony and the brand new winners were able to go straight to the podium.

Elvar Þormarsson with Fjalladís frá Fornusöndum had tightened his time in the last heat to 22.15 and was therefore unbeatable. So he was invited to climb the highest block again to receive his 2nd World Champion price. The youth prize goes to Denmark to Freja Løvgreen Gandrup with Fjölvi fra Hedegaard who proudly received her prize for her super fast time: 22.71.

Emotion on the faces of the winners during the national anthem remains magical. On to more World Champions in the coming days!

Photo’s: Nick van Dijk