Results for Breeding, 1st round

Today was a great first day with all the beautiful horses for the ridden abilities in breeding competition.

The morning started at 9 am with the 5-year-old mares. After the first round, Aðalheiður Anna Guðjónsdóttir is leading with Ársól frá Sauðanesi with a score of 8.38. Then the 5-year-old stallions came by and Þorgeir Ólafsson on Höfði frá Bergi came forward with the highest result: 8.34.

Then we moved on to the 6-year-olds where the mares came first again. In this group Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson is leading with Hrönn frá Fákshólum with 8.60. The first round for stallions is currently led by Árni Björn Pálsson with Geisli frá Árbæ with 8.52.

The opponents were strong and all their nice results can be found in IceTest and HorseDay. The 5 and 6 year olds will get a second round on Wednesday August 9 at 16.00. This will be an exciting new round!

After this the 7 year old mares were judged on their ridden abilities. From these beautiful combinations Árni Björn Pálsson is leading in this first round with Katla frá Hemlu II with 8.75. Last but not least the stallions were next. They are currently led by Agnar Snorri Stefánsson with Kolgrímur Grímsson från Gunvarbyn with 8.71. We are looking forward to the second heat of 7+ years old on Thursday August 10th at 17.00.

Good luck on all combinations for the next round!
Photocredits: Iris van Velzen and Ben Collet