Oirschot buzzes already!

Today the excitement continues on watching amazing B-finals and the first A-final. It’s hard to believe we have the most exciting day still ahead of us! A varied program passed by on this fantastic day:

Lots of beautiful tölt and one more rider to add to the A-final after the B-final in T2. Congratulations Helen Klaas, riding Kólgrimur vom Neddernhof, with scoring 7,38 and we are looking forward seeing you tomorrow in the A-final T2, starting 09.20.

P2 & P2Y
The pace track went wild again today and two ladies are going to get honoured tonight! Helga Hochstöger riding Nóri von Oed was the fastest adult with 7.27″ and Alicia Palm was the best Young Rider with Ljúfa från Ekeholm. She finished in 7.65″. Congratulations on your World titles!

During the presentation of the highest evaluated mares we could see how hard all Icelandic horse breeders are working to improve the breed. What a fantastic presentation of the future stars!

The riders treated us a nice show with lots of energy and passion. We congratulate Kristján Magnússon with Óskar från Lindeberg, scoring 7.61 and going to the A-final tomorrow at 14:55.

B-Finals V1Y & V1
On a sunny oval track the Young riders showed their best and Amanda Frandsen with Tinna frá Litlalandi received the highest scores. She represents Denmark. We will see this combination again tomorrow in the A-final V1Y. In the B-final V1 we congratulate Kristján Magnússon riding Óskar från Lindeberg for Sweden. He also won the T1 B-final this morning. We wish Amanda & Kristján good luck with their A-finals tomorrow! The A-final V1Y & V1 will be ridden at 10.30.

B-Final F1
The Adult riders in F1 had their B-final, all battling for that last spot in the A-final tomorrow. Þorgeir Ólafsson and Goðasteinn frá Haukagili Hvítársíðu got their eyes on that prize, scoring 7,38, and we’ll see them in the F1 A-final.

Tonight the 6 best Young Riders proved their worth in a spectacularly good Fivegait A-final. These young equestrians showed their love for speed. Glódís Rún Sigurðardóttir riding Salka frá Efri-Brú, managed to hold onto to her position and is the new World Champion F1Y. Congratulations Glódís!

After this excitement on the oval track the whole crowd moved to the Markaður where lots of World Champions were honoured:

P2: Helga Hochstöger – Nóri von Oed – AT
P2Y: Alicia Palm – Ljúfa från Ekeholm – SE
C4: Jóhanna Margrét Snorradóttir – Bárður frá Melabergi – IS
C4Y: Jón Ársæll Bergmann – Frár frá Sandhól – IS
C5: Caspar Logan Hegardt – Oddi från Skeppargården – SE
C5Y: Benedikt Ólafsson – Leira-Björk frá Naustum III – IS
Team Trophy: Denmark

The party continued with live music from the band Mag Het Wat Zachter at the Festival tent! We can’t wait for tomorrow: the A-finals are calling!

Photo credits:

Tina Hendrickx
Bert Collet
Nick van Dijk