Loads of pace and the official opening

Today was an amazing day for sports and breeding! The grand stands were filled with people who came to cheer for the riders and got to watch a varied programme. Early this morning we started F1 at 09:00 sharp.

Jón Stenild, riding Eilífur fra Teglborg, is in the lead with the Adult Riders and Glódís Rún Sigurðardóttir with Salka frá Efri-Brú takes the lead position at the Young Riders.
We welcome you to the Adults B-final, Saturday 12th at 19:00 followed by the Young Riders A-final. And we welcome you to join us for the Adults A-final Sunday 13 at 13:20.

Next up was the second round in Breeding Horses 5 and 6 year olds on the pace track. With the sun shining on the grand stands people cheered all the riders and horses to the fastest pace they could manage today. Elvar Þormarsson flew with Fjalladís frá Fornusöndum to a lead position in P1 after 2 rounds. Tomorrow at 19:30 round 3 and 4 will take place at the pace track.

When the P1 was finished, it was time for festivities! Spectacular drums led all visitors to the Markaður. The crowd enjoyed the spectacular performance of the drum band, followed by inspiring speeches for the official opening ceremony with an amazing sunset in the background. Horses, flags, torches, confetti, the letter from the World Championships 2019 in Berlin and champagne to top off the festivities. The World Championships have officially started!

Photo’s: Bert Collet & Lente Fokker