Sponsors & exhibitors

Sponsors & exhibitors


The countdown has begun! Our team is looking forward to welcoming you in Oirschot. And who is the team this edition? You probably already had contact with Coen Buijsse (chairman) and/or Bernette Oosterlaken (Coen’s assistant). As of now, during the run-up as well as during WC2023, Anne Marijke de Vries, Floris de Vries and Marloes van Beek have joined the team.

Together we will share a beautiful event and an unforgettable experience. On this website we share the most important information, which you have already received via the newsletters. Are you as enthusiastic as we are? We can’t wait to meet you in person!

On that note, we invite you for a welcome drink on Tuesday, August 8, 2023 from 21:00 to 22:00 on the VIP-deck. It will be a great meet and greet with a view of the training sessions.

Best of luck with your preperations,
Coen, Bernette, Anne Marijke, Floris and Marloes

Programme WC2023
We have done our utmost and put together an interesting programme that features something for everyone! We have an opening ceremony right in the Markaður Shopping Area, the Award Ceremony near the catering area, several shopping nights and parties as we only have in the Netherlands (at the World Championships)!

We will announce our additional programme of inspiring lectures, swinging bands and so much more in a few days. The programme will be on our website here. So: expand your knowledge about the Icelandic horse in our House of Education! Scientists, veterinarians, instructors and trainers share the latest news on Animal Breeding, Sport, Health & Welfare and Training. And don’t miss out on the latest news during our Live talkshow on thursday, friday and saturday and our Live interviews on saturday and sunday

The opening hours for the exhibitors are as follows:

  • Monday, August 7: 12:00 – 17:00 (optional)
  • Tuesday, August 8: 09:00 – 19:30(09:00 – 12:00 optional)
  • Wednesday, August 9: 09:00 – 22:00
  • Thursday, August 10: 09:00 – 22:00
  • Friday, August 11: 09:00 – 22:00
  • Saturday, August 12: 09:00 – 22:00
  • Sunday, August 13: 09:00 – 17:00

Map of the Markadur shopping area

Of course you are curious about the overview of the grounds, especially the Markaður shopping area. We are happy to share the map, so you can see who your lucky neighbours are! Just click on the list of exhibitors (subject to change).

The WC2023 grounds are open to the public on Monday, August 7 at 12.00. As you can see on the map, as an exhibitor you will be able to welcome guests on your stand first thing, as the routing is through the Markaður.


When can I start furnishing my stand?
Saturday August 5, 09:00 the Markaður Shopping Area is ready for you to start furnishing your stand.

What flooring is used at the Markaður?
The flooring in entire Markaður (including the stands) is made of wooden decking. This decking makes the Markaður easily accessible for shoppers. Please note: electric scooters and bikes are not allowed at WC2023 grounds.

Can I access my stand by car?
You can access your stand by car during build up and taking down hours only. The access is from the back side of the stand on most occasions.

Where can I eat during build-up?
During the construction phase, as an exhibitors you can eat with us at the crew catering. Prices are:

  • Breakfast: € 10 p.p.
  • Lunch: € 15 p.p.
  • Dinner: € 35 p.p.
  • including a drink per meal

Do you want to join us for the crew catering? Please mail us before June 15 via sponsor@wc2023.nl, and let us know the days, meals, dietary wishes and number of people you want to reserve meals for. The meals will be invoiced prior to WC2023.

Where can I eat during WC2023?
From Monday, August 7, the catering on the WC2023 grounds are up and running, so you can enjoy your meals there if you would like. The crew catering is no longer accessible to the exhibitors.

As an exhibitor, am I obliged to have my stand open and manned during the opening hours of the Markaður?
Yes, you are. The opening hours are tailored to the programme of the  WC2023. If the programme changes or runs late, the opening hours of the Markaður will change accordingly. TIP: make sure you have some lighting for the evening hours. 6 Ampere and 230 Volt electricity will be available per stand.

Can I put items outside my stand/tent?
You are allowed to build one meter outside your stand, provided that the items are easy to move and stored in the tent after closing time. Our organisation reserves the right to make adjustments at all times.

Are dogs allowed?
We love all animals, but WC2023 is not a place for dogs. If you bring your dog, they are only allowed at the Markaður, at the catering areas and the campsite. You are not allowed to leave your dog alone anywhere. 

Where can I park my car and trailer?
You can park your car at the regular parking (see map of the grounds). Trailers with stock can be parked at the special parking for exhibitors. You can restock your stand from this special parking area. Would you like to enter the special parking lot for exhibitors per vehicle? This parking is manned one hour before and one hour after the opening hours of the Markaður, during the opening hours of the Markaður it is only open on request. There will be a pedestrian access that is accessible at all times.

How will access to the stands be prevented after opening hours
After closing time you have to close the tent cover of the stand yourself. Fences will be placed to prevent access and there will be additional surveillance at the grounds.

As an exhibitor, where can I spend the night at WC2023?
Exhibitors can spend the night at the regular Visitors’ Campsite. Book a pitch or a log cabin via the website. The costs are not included in the rates for the stand. Please note: staying overnight in the stand or the parking lot is prohibited!

When can I start tearing down my stand?
The WC2023 programme ends on Sunday, August 13. Tearing down starts after we give the all clear signal. We expect this to be at 18:00. We aim to have the Markaður Shopping Area site completely empty by Monday, August 14, 12:00. The security rounds of the Markaður Shopping Area will stop at that point.


It is not possible to rent pin devices via WC2023. We advise you to contact your own supplier whether your equipment is suitable for carrying out transactions abroad. Possible alternatives that are frequently used in the Netherlands are Zettle and Sumup as suppliers of widely used and simple practical equipment for use in the Netherlands but also elsewhere in Europe.

Watching WC2023 in your stand?
WiFi is available via a separate WiFi channel for exhibitors. Of course there is also 3G, 4G and 5G available. Take this into account, for example, when installing your ATM.

We have a dedicated WiFi channel for the shops that you can use for your transactions and ATM. Please do not use this WiFi for any other purpose (for instance watching the livestream). We do understand that you don’t want to miss the biggest stars in breeding and sport!

If you would like to follow the action in your tent, we have you covered. For € 195 you can get a digital/decor box, with which you can connect the signal from the big screens at the oval track to a screen in your tent (which you have brought yourself or rented via HighDiscEvents).

You and your guests can enjoy high quality images and have a front row seat to all the action from your tent in the Markaður.

Tent and Exhibitor tickets
We have additional information on the tents. Please click on the name of the tent model to see the specs: Alu-hal, Apollo, Mars, Mercury and Pluto.

Exhibitor tickets will be provided on arrival. The number of entry tickets depends on the size of the tent:

Tent Exhibitor tickets Parking tickets
 (3 m x 3 m): 2 1
 (4 m x 4 m): 3 1
 (5 m x 5 m) 4 2
 (4 m x 8 m): 5 2
 (6 m x 6 m): 5 3
 (8 m x 8 m): 6 3
Other In consultation In consultation

As you are aware, we do our utmost to prepare everything well in advance. Therefore we need the following information before July 1:

  • Name exhibitor
  • The exhibitor contact person’s phone number
  • Name and surname of the person(s) receiving an exhibitor ticket
  • A sharp and recognizable color photo with your face completely visible and in the center

Would you like more exhibitor tickets? We can help you out! For only € 25 you can buy extra exhibitor tickets that grant access during the WC2023 week. Interested? You can order until June 15 via sponsor@wc2023.nl. Please note: exhibitor tickets do NOT give access to the grandstands.

Best Exhibitor
This year we are organizing a contest for best exhibitor! Make sure you are the best exhibitor and win a nice prize! Criteria that will be taken into account include friendliness and presentation. The winner will be announced at Saturday evening.

Arrival day and time

  • IMPORTANT: let us know when you will arrive via sponsor@wc2023.nl (before August 1).
  • If there are any changes in your scheduled arrival, you can contact us via +31(0)6 12175228

WC2023 Address

Please set your navigation to:

Wintelresedijk 5
5688 GW Oirschot
The Netherlands

TIP: take exit 8 (Oirschot) from the A58

Upon Arrival

Anne Marijke, Floris, Marloes and Silvie are ready to give you a happy WC2023 welcome with coffee, tea and some Dutch sweets! They will guide you to your stand and answer all your questions.

During build-up and WC2023 they are on site at the Markaður, walking around and checking, as well as via +31(0)6 12175228 (call or WhatsApp).